1st  Team


Middlesex County Football League-Premier Division

1st Manager Murad Ahmed
From Season 11-12, 12-13,13-14,14-15,16-17
2nd Manager Michael Edghill
From Season 17-18
3rd Manager Alfred Ekpenyong
From Season 18-19
Current Manager Joachim Olabanji
From Season 19-20
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Playing At:Wembley FC- Vale Farm

Watford Road




Joachim Olabanji (Jo)

Albert Aliev

Cameron Lewis

Beola Coker

 Fidel Walker

Glody Kiyombo

Idries Turay

Igor Mongulu

Jaccques Leurs

Jess Yanga

Kacper Strzala

Kevin Appiah

Karmani Thomas-Lyttle

Kimani Wilson

Kirklan Thomas

Kyron Mitchell

Libor Lecian

Mackenzie Quicke

Reece Gayle

Romario Hines-McLeod

Samson Oluwatobi

Shaun Alfred

Tariq Mahmoud

Coaching People into Football and Careers

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2nd Manager Michael Edghill

From Season 17-18